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Man in Pest Management Gear Carrying out Pesticide applicationMacsVac Pest Control Technicians offer  Health and Safety Conscious Pest Management Services to Townsville Residents and Commercial Institutions. We are targeting urban pests like ants, cockroaches, rodents and spiders.

The steps we take while carrying out pest management:

We conduct a risk assessment to ensure your, your environments and our own safety during the Pest Control Operations, then

We identify the target pests: eg.:
Biting pests – fleas and bed bugs
Hygiene Pests – flies, cockroaches, rodents
Stored product pests – moths, saw-toothed beetle, lesser grain borer
Fabric Pests – carpet beetle, clothes moth, silverfish

During a throughout inspection, we make a comprehensive pest control action plan, to ensure the most effective management of the pests.

We select the right pesticides and the appropriate personal protective equipment to start the treatment. As always, all work carried out by MacsVac crew members is guaranteed.
We gladly involve you in the pest management of your property by giving advice on Integrated Pest Management practices after each treatment.

You can also book us for a comprehensive Bond Cleaning package, including carpet cleaning, pest control, and the rest!