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man cleaning tile and grout with commercial machineryTile and Grout Cleaning is a specialised service that requires the right knowledge and equipment paired with the right skills to be made effective.

MacsVac Tile and Grout Cleaning Contractors utilise our top of the range hot water extraction technology to achieve an astonishing finish on your tiled surfaces. Our method is not only the fastest of all ways but also the most hygienic one. We leave no chemical residue behind, and your floors will be ready to use within a few minutes of completion.

If you have a tile and grout problem with mould and soap scum in your bathroom, we can also help you with that. Our professional cleaners have been trained in a number of specialised services and will handle the most challenging jobs with ease.

We are servicing newly built and existing homes, offices, hotels, motels, restaurant and even commercial kitchens. Out tile and grout cleaning technicians can help anyone that is in need of the service.

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