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MacsVac does not only offer house cleaning, but a range of

Residential cleaning services

A typical house cleaning process:

When people talk about domestic cleaning critics often visualise a 3 step cleaning process:
Step 1: A maid with a feather duster, pushing dust around in the air, moving it from one corner to another.
Step 2: is a quick spray and wipe of the main horizontal surfaces, like kitchen benches, tables and TV stands, leaving behind a nice smell and the unwanted swirl marks.
Step 3: An old fashioned lug around vacuum cleaner (or vacuum sweeper), with poor filtration is called in to ‘’clean’’ the floors and floor coverings.

Our improved, healthy house cleaning schedule:

our step 1: We vacuum or wet-wipe the high areas to actually remove the unwanted substances, instead of ‘reorganising’ them.
our step 2: We use a damp microfiber cloth with a chemical or non-chemical solution to wet-wipe all horizontal surfaces, then we use a clean, dry cloth to dry and buff the solution off. This provides a cleaner, healthier, streak-free finish that has a relaxing effect on the eyes.
our step 3: We utilize a vacuum cleaner with outside ventilation or at least a HEPA filter. This filters finer dust, bacteria and fungi which would normally be small enough to slip through the relatively large holes in the old fashioned vacuum filters.

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