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builders cleaning crew serving the construction industryBuilders Clean – Provide Your Building With The Finishing Touch.

When you complete your commercial construction project, turn to MacsVac Cleaning Service to supply the final thorough and detailed builders clean that’s needed for the handover to your clients. With our years of experience in commercial builders’ cleaning, we have developed the most advanced products and methods to make your project  sparkle.

Our dedicated staff goes  above and beyond your expectations with the latest equipment and training to do the job quickly and effectively. We work as an extension of your project to make your building look its best.

Construction and fitouts generate dust and dirt in every corner. To get rid of the grit, we provide industrial-strength cleaning services that include all our regular tasks, as well as the removal of contractor debris, such as nails, staples, and drywall pieces. When it is time for you to prepare for the handover to your client, MacsVac applies white glove standards to make your project sparkle fro the new owners.

MacsVac’s builders cleaning experience includes town houses, office buildings, motels, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals and more. We have worked with some of largest contractors and fitout providers in  Australia and are prepared for most any task.

Professional builders’ clean covers the scope of your project from top to bottom. This includes removing all dust and debris, managing the floor surfaces, tiles, glass and carpets- you name it. We clean every aircon unit, vent and fan. We acid wash the ceramic decks to remove render and marks and detail the railings and glass, too.

Our highly trained cleaners wipe down all interior surfaces, benches and walls. We go through every element of the kitchen and bathrooms and bring them to a beautiful shine. Every decal and sticker is removed, as well.  Builders cleans are a massive  task that requires precision and coordination to maintain your schedule. We work hard to meet your requirements and time frame..

Our technicians do a complete tidy up of the construction site and clean all glass, frames and tracks; including  excess render, concrete and paint left from construction. We go through the entire project and remove all excess glue, decals, paint overspray and minor marks.

Builders Cleaning is one of MacsVac’s main expertise and We are the right crew to make your project look at it’s best.

Do not hesitate to contact us and organise a free on site consultation for the Final Detailed Clean on your Construction Project