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4 rugs laid out for cleaning on a sunny dayMacsVac Rug Cleaning Specialists – The Ultimate Floor Care Experts

Rug cleaning and carpet care are very important specialised services in the Tropics; There is an increasing number of North Queensland home owners who prefer hard floors over carpeted rooms because of the harsh climate but not everyone will sacrifice the luxury of walking on soft floor coverings instead of hard, cold tiles or timber.

For this reason a lot of us decide on covering our hard floors with rugs. High temperature and humidity makes it very difficult to maintain the cleanliness of these fabrics; fungi and bacteria strives in such environments and their growth needs to be controlled.

If you are a fur dad or mum, you will want to get your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate odours, and to get rid of stains and pet hair. Our rug cleaners are here to help you!

How regularly should you get your rug cleaning completed by professionals? It depends on a number of factors. Mats need more regular attention than other floorings for a simple reason – its fibres act like dust magnets; Every time you walk on them, they will do the job of a ‘sole cleaning machine’ transferring dirt from your feet to their fibres opposed to hard floors which will contaminate your footwear. If you have children, pets, or have a bigger number of friends and family members visiting on a regular basis, you need to turn extra attention to your floors.

MacsVac can come to you to do the dirty work or you can just drop your rugs at our headquarters for rug cleaning.

Call us now to secure a spot for your rug cleaning. We are available 7 days a week and will be swift to respond to emergency calls

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