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Mattress Cleaners TownsvilleWe often clean our living areas to make our home more presentable to our friends, family and guests. Cleaning is part of our daily routine.

Something we just cannot go without. But do we turn enough attention to our sleeping environment? An average adult sleeps about 8 hours a day, making their bedroom the most used part of their homes.

If you wake up in the mornings tired and low on energy, you may need to change your bedroom and mattress cleaning habits;

Follow these tips to get you on the right track;

Vacuum floors at least twice a week. Remove excessive dust from all horizontal surfaces, including ceiling fan blades, skirting, top of shelves.
Your bed is like a dust magnet and it will attract all loose dust to itself and the mattress. This provides a perfect environment for Dust Mites and bad Bacteria. Change the linen regularly and vacuum your mattress weekly to reduce infestation.

MacsVac can help you in more than one ways to improve your quality of life by deep cleaning your mattresses, beds and the whole bedroom or house on request. We utilize a powerful double motor vacuum cleaner to remove Dust, Debris, Bacteria and other pollutants from your mattress. Our equipment has outside ventilation, which means we will not recirculate in your living area all the debris that we have removed.

Our mattress cleaning technicians are trained in the removal of Pet hair, odour and a range of stains.

Let us help you improve your health and reduce the symptoms of;
– asthma
– allergies and hay fever
– rashes
– headaches
– itching
– eczema …etc

Act now and start living a healthier life; get your professional mattress cleaning appointment and enjoy the results!

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