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Leather Cleaning Townsville - Lounger restored to its former shine

See the Contrast? Old Leather Couch Restored to its Former Shine

When it comes to Leather Cleaning, You cannot go wrong with the professionals at MacsVac Pty Ltd!

Leather is a living thing. If you give it the right care and attention it will thank you for it with a pleasant smell and long lasting, elegant shine. We are well aware of the dangers of using the wrong cleaning chemicals on upholstery. They can dry out your leather furniture, resulting in the deterioration of its surfaces and unsightly cracks. When it comes to leather cleaning, MacsVac only uses the best quality and safest of materials available to the market. We prolong the lifetime of your leather sofas, lounges and chairs and restore them to their former shine.

Leather Cleaning Results Speak for themselves on an antique Leather Chair

We Clean Leather Lounges, chairs and more! Ask us!

We usually follow the below steps when we approach a piece of genuine leather furniture:

First we vacuum the leather surfaces with a non scratching horse hair upholstery tool. After all dust and debris is removed, we use a perfectly safe, yet effective water based product to hand clean your leather surfaces, paying extra attention to the stitching and heavy use areas to achieve sparkling cleanliness.

Once we are happy with the result, you can have us apply one to two coats of a high quality leather protector. This will considerably prolong the cleanliness and lifetime of your leather furniture.
And that is not all! You will also notice the ”new leather smell” you have been missing for so long.

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