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ProfessiA cleaner carpet means a healthier home environmentonal Carpet Cleaning Service in Townsville

There are more more people suffering from allergies related to house dust, pet hair and household bacteria. MacsVac strives to offer relief to all allergy sufferers by using innovative techniques and products.

We do not just clean your carpets and rugs but utilize tomorrow’s technology to effectively remove household Germs, Bacteria, Dust Mites and Mildew from your living area. And we do this while offering competitive rates.

By using the most trusted steam carpet cleaning technology available and introducing custom made equipment to achieve the desired results, we do not stand in the line following the rest…We continuously improve the existing techniques.


Carpet Cleaning – Stain Removal by Real Professionals

Be it Pet Hair, Urine and Odors, spilled Coffee and Food Stains, Candle Wax, Make up,  Blood or Soft Drinks we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are happy with the results!

Getting your carpets cleaned could not be safer for your Children and Pets. No Harmful Residue will remain.

It is our standard cleaning procedure to vacuum all your carpet areas using our custom made, exceptionally powerful, double motor vacuum cleaner with outside venting. This way we are able to remove a range of harmful intruders and dust from your home, instead of recirculating them!

By using our top end hot water extraction technology, you can rest assured, your carpet areas are not only left clean and hygienic, but also free from excessive chemical residue, for a healthier home environment and longer-lasting cleanliness.

Is it time to get your Carpet areas Professionally Cleaned?
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